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Yearbook for Ritual and Liturgical Studies
Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies (IRiLiS), Centre of Religion and Heritage (CRH) (former Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage)

Editorial Board
Prof. dr. Marcel Barnard (editor in chief, Amsterdam/Stellenbosch), dr. Andrew Irving (Groningen), dr. Martin Hoondert (Tilburg), dr. Mirella Klomp (Amsterdam), dr. Mary E. McGann (Berkeley, CA), prof. dr. Paul Post (Tilburg), prof. dr. Thomas Quartier (Nijmegen/Leuven/Rome), prof. dr. Gerard Rouwhorst (Utrecht/Tilburg), prof. dr. Eric Venbrux (Nijmegen).

Advisory Board
Prof. dr. Sible de Blaauw (Nijmegen), prof. dr. Joris Geldhof (Leuven), prof. dr. Bert Groen (Graz), prof. dr. Benedikt Kranemann (Erfurt), dr. Jan Luth (Groningen), prof. dr. Peter Jan Margry (Amsterdam), prof. dr. Keith Pecklers (Rome/Boston), dr. Susan Roll (Ottawa), prof. dr. Martin Stringer (Swansea), prof. dr. Teresa Berger (New Haven, CT).

Editor Joyce Rondaij MA
Design Yvonne Mathijsen

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