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eJIM, the eJournal of Indian medicine, is a multidisciplinary periodical founded in 2007 by Jan Meulenbeld (1928 - 2017) and Roelf Barkhuis, that publishes studies on traditional South Asian medical traditions by qualified scholars in philology, medicine, pharmacology, botany, anthropology and sociology. Authors from India, Sri Lanka and adjoining countries are cordially invited to contribute.

The counterpart of eJIM is ABIM, the Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine, maintained by Jan Meulenbeld. See the link ABIM, top menu, right.



Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld, psychiatrist and Sanskritist, passed away on March 26th 2017 at the age of 88


Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld, psychiatrist and Sanskritist, chief editor of the eJournal of Indian Medicine (eJIM) and author of the Annotated Bibliography of India Medicine (ABIM), passed away on March 26th at the age of 88.

Jan Meulenbeld was one of the great Dutch Indologists of his generation. Two of his his best known publications are The Mādhavanidāna and its chief commentary: chapters 1-10, introduction, translation and notes (1974), and the monumental A History of Indian Medical Literature (1999-2002).

A full bibliography can be found by searching ABIM for Meulenbeld.

Posted: 2017-04-03
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Kenneth G. Zysk, Tsutomu Yamashita