A Federmesser Site with Tanged Points at Norgervaart prov. of Drenthe (Netherlands)

K. Paddaya


(p. 167)

The hamlet of Norgervaart (Gem. Norg) lies about 8 kilometres north-west of the town of Assen, the head-quarters of the province of Drenthe (see the map in fig. 1 ). From the point of view of topography, the surrounding area consists ofa plain land with a mean elevation of about 10 metres above sea level. It is occupied by the Older sphagnum-mass peat, the reclamation of which had begun in the first quarter of the present century. Boulder clay, which was laid down by the advancing ice during the Riss glaciation, forms the sub-surface geological formation. It is weathered in the upper parts, and occurs in an unaltered condition within a depth of about one metre. This deposit is overlain by coversands dating from the end of the last glaciation.

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