A list of the extant and formerly present hunebedden in the Netherlands

J.A. Bakker


The sites of 76 extant and demolished hunebedden are known in the Netherlands. Hunebedden are the Dutch megalithic tombs of the TRB or Funnel Beaker Culture (c. 3400-2850 cal BC, Brindley, 1986b:pp. 104-106). There are now 53 extant hunebedden (section 2), the remnants of 22 demolished tombs have been excavated (section 3), and one probable site of a demolished hunebed has not yet been excavated (section 4). Besides these, there are 10 problematic hunebedden, and 19 others listed by Smids (1711), which are unreliable (section 4). Several alleged hunebedden are rejected as such (section 5). The use of toponymy in tracing otherwise lost hunebedden and the varying meanings of the term grafkelders are discussed in sections 6-7.

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