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AN 2 Ancient Novel and Prose Fiction: Bibliography of Translations, Commentaries and Studies by Russian Scholars Details   PDF
Nina V. Braginskaia
AN 7 Ancient personality: Trait attributions to characters in Homer's Iliad> Abstract   PDF
Boele de Raad, Constantinos G. Passakos
ANS 4 Metaphor and the Ancient Novel And There's Another Country: Translation as Metaphor in Heliodorus Details   PDF
Niall W. Slater
AN 5 Anseres [sacri]: Restrictions and Variations in Petronius' Narrative Technique Abstract   PDF
Max L. Goldman
AN 6 Apollo's Oracle in Euripides' Ion. Ambiguous Identities in Fifth-Century Athens Abstract   PDF
Julia Kindt
ANS 6 Lectiones Scrupulosae Apollo's Sn(e)aky Tongue(s) Details   PDF
Ben L. Hijmans
ANS 11 Paideia at Play Apuleian Ecphraseis: Depiction at Play Abstract   PDF
Niall W. Slater
ANS 11 Paideia at Play Apuleius Socrates Africanus? Apuleius' Defensive Play Abstract   PDF
Werner Riess
AN 1 Apuleius, Aelius Aristides and Religious Autobiography Abstract   PDF
Stephen Harrison
AN 4 Apuleius and Carthage Abstract   PDF
Keith Bradley
ANS 12 Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel Apuleius and Homer: Some Traces of the Iliad in the Metamorphoses Abstract   PDF
Stephen Harrison
AN 7 Apuleius and The New Testament: Lucius' Conversion Experience Abstract   PDF
Warren S. Smith
ANS 8 The Greek and the Roman Novel: Parallel Readings Apuleius, the Onos, and Rome Abstract   PDF
Ellen Finkelpearl
AN 10 Apuleius' Metamorphoses and Jewish/Christian Literature Abstract   PDF
Warren S. Smith
AN 14 Artistry in the ancient novel Abstract   PDF
Graham Anderson
ANS 18 The Ancient Novel and the Frontiers of Genre Autobiographical Notes Details   PDF
The Publisher
ANS 5 Authors, Authority, and Interpreters in the Ancient Novel Awe and Opposition: the Ambivalent Presence of Lucretius in Apuleius' Metamorphoses Abstract   PDF
Maaike Zimmerman
AN 1 ‘ … largely fictions …’: Aelius Aristides on Plato's dialogues Abstract   PDF
Jaap-Jan Flinterman
AN 8 ‘My soul, consider what you should do’: Psychological Conflicts and Moral Goodness in the Greek Novels Abstract   PDF
Silvia Montiglio
ANS 7 Seeing Tongues, Hearing Scripts ‘Novels in the Greek Letter’: Inversions of the Written-Oral Hierarchy in the Briefroman ‘Themistocles Details   PDF
Owen Hodkinson
AN 1 ‘True Histories’ and ‘Old Wives’ Tales’: Renaissance Humanism and the 'Rise of the Novel' Abstract   PDF
Robert H.F. Carver
AN 10 B. POUDERON AND C. BOST-POUDERON (EDS.), Passions, vertus et vices dans l'ancient roman Details   PDF
A. Lefteratou
AN 5 B. POUDERON (ed.): Lieux, décors et paysages de l'ancien roman des origines à Byzance, Actes du 2ème colloque de Tours, 24–26 octobre 2002 Details   PDF
Loreto Núñez
ANS 3 The Bakhtin Circle and Ancient Narrative Bakhtin and Chariton: A Revisionist Reading Details   PDF
Steven D. Smith
ANS 3 The Bakhtin Circle and Ancient Narrative Bakhtin and the Ideal Ruler in 1–2 Chronicles and the Cyropaedia Details   PDF
Christine Mitchell
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