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Palaeohistoria 29 Leeuwarden and trade between c. 800 and 1200 AD Abstract   PDF
G.J. de Langen
Palaeohistoria 12 Les "Néolithiques de la Meuse" et le groupe à Marchets de Haute-Belgique Abstract   PDF
M.E. Mariën
Palaeohistoria 12 Les sépultures mégalithiques à entrée latérale en Armorique (Figs. 1-7) Abstract   PDF
J. l' Helgouach
Palaeohistoria 31 Making cultural ecology relevant to Mesolithic research - III: Perspectives for economic reconstruction based on fauna refuse and subsistence equipment from two Iñupiat houses at Utqiagvik (Alaska) Abstract   PDF
R.R. Newell, M. van Heuveln, Chr. Jager, J.M. Pasveer, A. Steendijk
Palaeohistoria 47/48 (2005/2006) Medieval brooches from the Dutch province of Friesland (Frisia): a regional perspective on the Wijnaldum brooches. General Introduction Abstract   PDF
J.M. Bos
Palaeohistoria 47/48 (2005/2006) Medieval brooches from the Dutch province of Friesland (Frisia): a regional perspective on the Wijnaldum brooches. Part I: small equal-armed brooches Abstract   PDF
J.M. Bos
Palaeohistoria 49/50 (2007/2008) Medieval Brooches from the Dutch province of Friesland (Frisia): a regional perspective on the Wijnaldum Brooches. Part IIII: Disc Brooches Abstract   PDF
J.M. Bos
Palaeohistoria 55/56 (2013/2014) Medieval farmsteads in Gasselte (Province of Drenthe) Abstract   PDF
H.T. Waterbolk, O.H. Harsema
Palaeohistoria 25 Medieval horses from Utrecht (Jan Meijenstraat) Abstract   PDF
W. Prummel
Palaeohistoria 35/36 (1993/1994) Medieval plant remains from Peelo, the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
W. van Zeist, R.M. Palfenier-Vegter
Palaeohistoria 29 Mesolithic hearth-pits in the Veenkoloniën (prov. Groningen, the Netherlands), defining a specific use of fire in the Mesolithic Abstract   PDF
H.A. Groenendijk
Palaeohistoria 16 Mesolithic sites near Havelte, province of Drenthe (Netherlands). A preliminary report of the Havelte Project (Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan - Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut, State University of Groningen) Abstract   PDF
T.D. Price, R. Whallon, S. Chappell
Palaeohistoria 32 Middle Palaeolithic dwellings: fact or fiction? Some applications of the ring and sector method Abstract   PDF
D. Stapert
Palaeohistoria 18 Middle Palaeolithic finds from the Northern Netherlands Abstract   PDF
D. Stapert
Palaeohistoria 31 Mites (Acari) from the Late Neolithic well at Kolhorn (the Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
J. Schelvis
Palaeohistoria 32 Mites from medieval Scheemda Abstract   PDF
W. Schelvis
Palaeohistoria 49/50 (2007/2008) Nederzettingen uit de bronstijd en ijzertijd in Angelslo-Emmerhout (Gem. Emmen) Abstract   PDF
P.B. Kooi
Palaeohistoria 10 Neolithic Disc Wheels in the Netherlands. With a Note on the Early lron Age Disc Wheels from Ezinge (Pl. XXVII-XXXIV, figs. 22-29) Abstract   PDF
J.D. van der Waals
Palaeohistoria 33/34 (1991/1992) Nieuwe gegevens betreffende de muntvondst van Midlum van 1925 Abstract   PDF
A. Ufkes
Palaeohistoria 35/36 (1993/1994) Nogmaals gouden muntfibula's uit de 12e-13e eeuw Abstract   PDF
J.N. Lanting, J. Molema
Palaeohistoria 32 Non-flint stone tools from two Late Neolithic sites at Kolhorn, province of North Holland, the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
E. Drenth, H. Kars
Palaeohistoria 33/34 (1991/1992) Notes on fossil vertebrates and stone tools from Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the stratigraphy of the northem Walanae depression Abstract   PDF
G.-J. Bartstra, D.A. Hooijer, B. Kallupa, M. Anwar Akib
Palaeohistoria 21 Odoorn: frühmittelalterliche Siedlung. Das Fundmaterial der Grabung 1966 Abstract   PDF
W.A. van Es
Palaeohistoria 55/56 (2013/2014) Of farms and fields: the Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement and Celtic field at Hijken – Hijkerveld Abstract   PDF
S. Arnoldussen, K.M. de Vries
Palaeohistoria 39/40 (1997/1998) On the origin of plums: A study of sloe, damson, cherry plum, domestic plums and their intermediate forms Abstract   PDF
H. Woldring
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