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ANS 20 Philosophy and the Ancient Novel Frontmatter Details   PDF
The Publisher
AN 12 Frontmatter Details   PDF
The Publisher
AN 13 Frontmatter Details   PDF
The Publisher
ANS 21 From Bedroom to Courtroom Frontmatter Details   PDF
The Publisher
AN 4 G. GARBUGINO: Enigmi della Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri Details   PDF
Ilaria L.E. Ramelli
AN 4 G. JENSSON: The Recollections of Encolpius The Satyrica of Petronius as Milesian Fiction Details   PDF
Max L. Goldman
AN 7 G. PERI: Discorso diretto e discorso indiretto nel Satyricon. Due regimi a contrasto Details   PDF
Marcos Carmignani
AN 10 G.A. KARLA (ED.), Fiction on the Fringe. Novelistic Writing in the Post-Classical Age Details   PDF
Niklas Holzberg
ANS 5 Authors, Authority, and Interpreters in the Ancient Novel Gareth and Me: A Petronian Pilgrimage Abstract   PDF
Barry Baldwin
ANS 3 The Bakhtin Circle and Ancient Narrative Genre, Aphorism, Herodotus Details   PDF
Gary Saul Morson
AN 10 GIOVANNI GARBUGINO, La storia di Apollonio re di Tiro. Introduzione, testo critico, traduzione e note a cura di Giovanni Garbugino Details   PDF
Carmen Puche López
AN 9 GIOVANNI GARBUGINO, Studi sul romanzo latino Details   PDF
Lara Nicolini, Giulio Vannini
AN 2 GIOVANNI REALE, Botticelli. La “Primavera” o le “Nozze di Filologia e Mercurio”? Rilettura di carattere filosofico ed ermeneutico del capolavoro di Botticelli con la prima presentazione analitica dei personaggi e dei particolari simbolici Details   PDF
Ilaria L.E. Ramelli
AN 10 GIULIO VANNINI, Petronii Arbitri ‚Satyricon‘ 100-115. Edizione critica e commento Details   PDF
Peter Habermehl
ANS 4 Metaphor and the Ancient Novel Greek novel and the ritual of life: an exercise in taxonomy Details   PDF
Ken Dowden
AN 4 H. HOFMANN (ed.): Latin Fiction. The Latin Novel in Context Details   PDF
Maria-Elpiniki Oikonomou
ANS 12 Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel Hating Homer, Fighting Virgil: Βooks in Augustine’s Confessions Abstract   PDF
Vincent Hunink
ANS 4 Metaphor and the Ancient Novel Heliodorus smiles Details   PDF
Tim Whitmarsh
AN 1 History into fiction: the metamorphoses of the Mithras myths Abstract   PDF
Roger Beck
ANS 11 Paideia at Play Homer in Apuleius' Apology Abstract   PDF
Vincent Hunink
AN 5 I. de JONG, R. NÜNLIST, A. BOWIE (eds.): Narrators, Narratees, and Narratives in Ancient Greek Literature Details   PDF
Konstantin Doulamis
AN 7 I. RAMELLI: Atti di Mar Mari Details   PDF
Sebastian Brock
AN 3 I. RAMELLI: I romanzi antichi e il Cristianesimo: contesto e contatti Details   PDF
A. Hilhorst
AN 8 I.J.F. DE JONG , R. NÜNLIST (eds.), "Time in Ancient Literature" Details   PDF
Vered Lev Kenaan
AN 14 (preliminary version) Il ‘romanzo di Alcesti’ Abstract   PDF
Greta Castrucci
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